Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Freakin' Our Freaks!

Sam freaked us out yesterday. Scott and I exchanged another jaw dropping look as Sam started counting backwards along with what he was watching on TV. So, of course, I quizzed him all day and he can in fact count backwards from 7 if you start him off with 10-9-8. As with many freakish things he does, we don't know how he learned to do it. But, we're learning that he only needs to hear a song a few times or watch you do something twice before he kinda knows it. We're getting used to the jaw drops!

He also made me laugh later in the morning when he went up to the refrigerator, grabbed both handles and put all his might into pulling them open. While he pulled he said "Heave. Heave. Heave." I thought I would bust a gut! I've never heard him say it before but I do know where it came from. The day before, on his favorite program, Word World, the ants were pulling on a rope and using the chant.

It should be noted, though, that he only saw those ants once. It is very scary to think about how observant he is!

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