Thursday, April 21, 2011

Cinco de Sam

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Oh, happy day!  Today my child, my monkeydoodle, my love turns 5!  We don’t have a lot planned for today.  Sam and I are going toy shopping this morning and will go on a pizza date for lunch.  Tonight we’re going to dinner with Nathan, one of Sam’s best friends.  (Oh, I just realized how appropriate it is that we’re having dinner with Nathan and his Mom and Dad since his dad delivered Sam 5 years ago today!) After dinner, we’ll come back home for cake and just a few small presents.  I had to make the cake myself because the store was out of Spider-man decorations for the cake Sam wanted.  I don’t think I did too bad but most importantly, Sam loved it! We decided to sing and blow out the candles this morning before Daddy left for work.

Sam's 5th birthday 4 21 11 to trash after blog

Sam will be having a huge carnival in a few weeks to celebrate with all his friends. The invitations went out last week.  We are getting so excited!

Sam's invite for blog

Dear Sam,

Happy 5th birthday, Monkeydoodle!  You are truly the coolest kid I know!  Daddy and I are enjoying you so much right now because you have a “knock ‘em dead” sense of humor and an imagination that never stops. 

You are such a curious and eager learner right now.  You are reading and writing and it amazes even me how you can play with words and sounds in your head without even seeing the letters.  And as good as you are with reading and writing, you are really good at math!  We are so proud of you and how much you love school.  Mama’s dream will come true in a few months when you get to start Kindergarten at Mama’s school!

You are really into Legos, Spider-man, Scooby-Doo and poop right now.  You and Nathan both, all poop all the time.  That’s how I knew you were feeling better last week. You started singing about poop again.  Oh, you are such a boy!!  It is fun to watch you play with your toys and build Legos with you.  You build some incredible things!  And what your imagination can do with a stick and a piece of cardboard is amazing!  Don’t ever stop being so creative!

Mama loves you most in the mornings when I snuggle with you to wake you up and at night when I read you to sleep.  I love you most when you are writing with me and when you are swinging on your swing like Superman.  I love you most when we are playing Star Wars Wii and when we are singing and dancing in the car. You are loving the songs “Forget You” and “Dynamite” right now.  We turn them up really loud and play them over and over again dancing our way down the road!  I love you the most when you tackle me and when you say things like “Mom, you’re breaking my heart” when I won’t let you do something.  I love you the most when you are running around the house in your underwear and when you are playing in the sprinklers. I love you the most when you tease me about kissing girls someday.  I love that Kathleen is your girlfriend because “she knows a lot about patterns and fiber foods.” I love you the most when you use your good manners.

I guess I just love you the most.

Happy, happy 5th birthday, Sam!  Mama and Daddy love you so much!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Our First Class Party

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Sam treated his 4K class to cupcakes and juice boxes this afternoon to celebrate his 5th birthday next week.  It was so exciting for me to be “Sam’s Mom” for the afternoon and get to see him in action!

DSC_0223   DSC_0226DSC_0232   DSC_0240DSC_0243   DSC_0246


So, here’s to Sam’s first class party and to many, many more to come!!