Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Wordless Wednesday 7/15/09

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Ding! Dong! The deck is done! What a busy weekend!

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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

I Couldn’t Make This Up If I Tried…

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After a very short visit back to my Mom's and a very long drive back home, I went straight to my friends' church to drop Sam off at his very first night of VBS ever! I rushed him in late, sat him down quickly, and shoved a PB&J sandwich down his throat (trying to forget that it wasn't PB&J Friday!) and tried not to take it personally that he was in a bigger hurry to push me out the door and get to where the big kids were gathering.

Two hours later I picked him up and he was ready to see his Daddy! On the way home, I asked him what he learned at church.

Mommy: Sam, did you learn about God?

Sam: Yes!

Mommy: Did you learn about Jesus?

Sam: Yes!

Mommy: Well, what did you learn about Jesus?

Sam: Jesus died. And the ants bothered him.

Mommy: Really? (Eyebrows raised…must ask about the curriculum…)

Sam: Yeah! And Jesus is alive!

Mommy: Yes his is baby! (All right, they’re off the hook…for now!)

Sam: And Thomas is alive! And Henry is alive! And James is alive! And Percy is alive! And all the engines are alive! And all the tractors are alive! (and on and on...)

Do ya’ think Sam is watching too much Thomas? Do ya’ think he's spending too much time playing with his trains?  Do ya’ think he'd notice if I replaced one of his Thomas DVDs with "Heroes from the Bible?"  Drastic steps may be necessary…

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

MCP Actions Contest

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MCP Actions is giving away a Tamron lens to one lucky winner! The WINNER chooses from the 18-270mm or the 28-300mm. When I bought my new Nikon D90 in December, I bought the 18-135mm lens...not the lens I really wanted. I really wanted the 18-100mm lens and I've had buyer's remorse ever since. So, I am really hoping I win this contest! You can enter, too. It's the easiest contest ever. Hmmm. If you win, perhaps we can work out a little deal...I'm just sayin'...

All you have to do to enter is this:

- Post to your blog, Twitter and/or Facebook about this contest (let people know how to enter and provide a link)
- Go back to MCP Actions and leave a comment writing where you posted (with link so that it can be verified if your post is picked from the random drawing)
- In your comment on MCP, write why you want to win this lens, where you would want to most use the lens, and for fun tell them how many lenses you currently own.

To enter go to

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

180 Degrees

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This is the last swimming lesson post…probably. But I can’t help myself! Sam met Miss Abby for his 4th and 5th lesson this week and she commented that he has just changed so much since the first two lessons. She thinks he only needs 2-3 more lessons! I have to post a few pictures because as much fun as Sam had with Miss Abby during his third lesson, he didn’t smile nearly as much as he did during his fourth lesson! Thankfully I had my camera with me!

sam's 4th swimming lesson scrapbook page copy

It looks like my little Monkeydoodle will be ready for our beach vacation in two weeks after all!