Wednesday, July 1, 2009

180 Degrees

This is the last swimming lesson post…probably. But I can’t help myself! Sam met Miss Abby for his 4th and 5th lesson this week and she commented that he has just changed so much since the first two lessons. She thinks he only needs 2-3 more lessons! I have to post a few pictures because as much fun as Sam had with Miss Abby during his third lesson, he didn’t smile nearly as much as he did during his fourth lesson! Thankfully I had my camera with me!

sam's 4th swimming lesson scrapbook page copy

It looks like my little Monkeydoodle will be ready for our beach vacation in two weeks after all!

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Jennifer Juniper said...

My kids were always ready to swim only when they were ready. They hated to be pushed and when it was time, splash! Just like Sam! It's so much better to teach them one on one, my kids never learned anything in a group lesson. Sounds like Miss Abby was a winner :)