Tuesday, July 6, 2010

United States of Sam

How cute is this?


I’m making a reward system for Sam involving money so that while he’s being rewarded for good deeds/behaviors, he’s also learning about money.  He’ll be learning about coin value and exchanging coins.  I have a bunch of treats that he’ll be able to buy with his dollars as he earns them.  Anyway, without boring you with the specifics of the system, I did have to share this cute dollar!  I found it at this website and you can make your own with any picture you have.  You can also use other currency values and currency from any country!  It’s perfect for Sam’s money system! 


Oh, I couldn’t resist! He’s worth many of these:



I’ve spent all morning on it (when I should be getting ready for the beach!) but I finally finished Sam’s reward system.  He seems really excited about it so I have my fingers crossed!  Sam’s not a behavior problem.  He does however have a few habits that we’d like to change and I think rewarding him for positive actions has always worked with him.  Hopefully, this will lead to whine-free dinners, fuss-free bedtimes, and dry pull-ups every morning!  Plus, he’s really getting into math with Daddy lately, adding and subtracting, and we think this will help him sharpen his money skills as well!  The goal is to get the money from “Mom and Dad’s Wallet” into his piggy bank by adding up and exchanging coins.  When he has enough money, he can go shopping at “My Toy Store.”  He’s already picked out the toy he wants to buy first.  He’s saving for a light saber, of course!


A closer look:

IMG_0689 IMG_0690


Aunt Jessi said...

You just simply rock!! That's all I have to say about that!! :) Love you guyz

Jennifer Juniper said...

Very cool system. I don't know how I missed this - I think because I hit your button to get over here and it took me to the previous post.