Sunday, April 21, 2013

Birthdays and Blooms

Today is Sam's 7th birthday.

I still marvel at the fact that God blessed us with this amazing child. I don't get sad anymore that another year has passed or that he's growing up too fast (even though he is!) because now I look forward to how much cooler he'll be this year.  Every year just seems to get better and better!

Today was also the day that Adam was going to be joining us.  

Not only was he due today, but my amazing OB was going to make an exception to the no surgery on Sunday policy and perform my c-section so that we could deliver Adam on Sam's birthday. That's what Sam wanted.

So, in honor of my boys, and thanks to several special friends, we are planting three trees today. 

My college roommate sent me a beautiful Magnolia tree that arrived on my doorstep about a week ago.

A group of special teachers that I work with gave us a giftcard to a local nursery.  We decided to buy a Dogwood tree hoping it would be in bloom around the boys' special day.

And Scott and I decided to honor Sam buy also planting a Dogwood tree, just like Adam's.

I've kept an eye on Adam's tree, looking for signs of the first blooms.  And what do you know! In God's always most perfect timing, today I found these: