Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Samcakes with Syrup

I have only 11 days of summer left with Sam before he returns to his sitter, Mimi, and I return to work. I am very sad about that. I don't feel like we've done enough special things together and as a family and now our time is running out. So, this morning Sam and I made pancakes! This was a treat indeed because breakfast is usually very routine and very unexciting! Plus, Daddy usually makes us pancakes, so me doing the cooking added another element of adventure! This was also the first time that Sam actually got to help cook. That was a lot of fun! He enjoyed pouring and mixing.

Here he is wondering when he will finally get to eat the pancakes I've been talking about and promising all morning:

Daddy will be very surprised by the lack of mess I made and won't believe how much Sam ate! Here are the pix from our adventure:

With only 11 precious days left, I'll be looking for more opportunities to make Sam feel extra special.

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John said...

Wow! Love the blog, and I'm so happy for Dr. Fish. Well-deserved and overdue.

Now that I know someone is reading my blog, I'll post more often!!! JP