Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Meeting Sunny...Finally!

When we first moved here, Scott and I met a very good friend of the School of Music. She owns a large farm just outside of town and has lots of animals, including about 15 horses. The week after we met her, she renamed a horse she had just acquired after me! (While I take that as a huge compliment, I think she just really liked my name! Or maybe I DID leave a great impression...) We've been trying to find an opportunity to take Sam out to the farm to see the animals and to also meet Sunny. Yesterday, we were able to enjoy a morning at Pat's farm with our good friends Missy, Ryan, Carson and Morgan. I'll share more pictures later this week, after I've picked out my favorites, but here are pictures of me meeting Sunny...finally!

What a treat! He was a sweetheart!

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