Tuesday, September 8, 2009

I Am So Proud!

I am so proud.

I am so proud of FL Rep. Party Chairman Jim Greer. Having not watched the first media coverage of any of the controversy, I had no idea that it started last week when he accused President Obama of trying to "indoctrinate America's children to his socialist agenda."

"indoctrinate America's children to his socialist agenda."

Where have I heard that before?

Oh, yeah! The parent note ("indoctrinate our children in his socialist liberal agendas")...and the woman on the morning news leaning her head out of the car window who said the exact same thing...and about 20 other places that phrase popped up over the weekend! Ha!



I am so proud of Jim Greer, who yesterday, after reading President Obama's speech, said "My kids will be watching the President's speech, as I hope all kids will." (Posted on CNN.com one minute after the speech ended. click here)

I am so proud of The Ron Clark Academy, a private school no less, for accepting the President's invitation to watch the speech today. I found out that they were going to be viewing the speech through Facebook. Ron announced that CNN would be broadcasting from his school during the President's speech. I can't wait to get home and watch! I recorded 4 hours of CNN!

I am so proud of the students of The Ron Clark Academy. For I know that they are taught about respect and citizenship, even though the word citizen does not appear as blatantly in their incredibly inspiring mission statement as it does in ours and most others. Just spend some time visiting the website and getting to know them and you'll know, too.

I am so proud of the third grade teachers and students at my school. Regardless of what the parents were told in the phone blast Friday afternoon, no one I've asked can speak of being given any information to review to make a decision about whether viewing the speech would be appropriate for their grade level or not. Not only did the third grade team decide it was appropriate (fitting in with the school-wide theme and goals we set this year and our curriculum), but they made a bold decision to speak up and say "Yes, we're going to show it."

Interestingly enough, only 2 parents in the entire 3rd grade (5 classes) asked that their children not watch the speech. I wonder how many across the entire school would have done so?

I am so proud of myself and my husband. We are very good friends with many people with many beliefs and opinions. We tend to keep a lot of our opinions to ourselves as much out of respect for everyone else as there just doesn't seem to be any reason to share. Plus, Scott HATES conflict. I don't love conflict, but I do appreciate engaging dialogue. But politics is not usually a safe topic in our neck of the woods.

However, in the past few days, we've both stood up for this issue and for the children who (with parental consent, of course) were robbed of the opportunity to hear the President speak today. When my phone rang Friday afternoon announcing that my school, except for 3rd grade, would not be showing the speech, he was so angry that parents would have to "opt-in" for their child to see the speech. He couldn't believe that parents would have to get off work, come to the school and sit with their child in the media center so that they could hear the message. Before I knew it, he was actually on the phone to the local news station!

I am just so proud of us. Now here's hoping we haven't lost any friends!

I am so proud of the kindergarten student who sat beside me during the speech. She is the daughter of my colleague. Her mother pulled her out of class to join us so that she could hear the President no doubt reinforce the message that her parents send her all the time. I smiled when she heard President Obama say "kindergarten" and she said "That's me!" She knew he was talking to her. She smiled when he talked about Micheal Jordan and having to get up early...things she was familiar with and could relate to. And I had to laugh when it was over and her mother asked her what the President said. She quickly replied "Wash your hands!"

And for a 5-year old student, that just may have been the most important part of the message!

I am so proud and I am inspired.

I am inspired by a man who can sit in the most highest office in our government and still convince me that he understands exactly where the children I teach come from.

I am inspired by that man who tells all those precious children I've let go of every year that it's o.k. to mess up. You can still choose to make it right and succeed.

I am inspired by that man who encourages them to ask for help, because even he does it everyday.

I am inspired and I'll just pretend that all of my dear former students heard his message and will be inspired, too, because other than praying, that's all I can do.

Okay. I have no more. My sadness and frustration are gone. I am releasing my questions because I am done with it. It is over. I promise not to write about it anymore!

I also promise to show you tonight or tomorrow pictures from Sam's very first fishing trip. It was a wonderful experience!

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Jennifer Juniper said...

It was a very inspiring speech to the students of America. My kids and I will cozy up with the computer to watch it during a time of no interruptions or running from one sport to the next. Maybe first thing in the morning :)