Saturday, January 23, 2010

Our Official Announcement

It’s official!  We’ve booked out Disney trip and we’re headed south in just 2 weeks! (OMG! Two weeks???  I have soo much to do!)  Sam has wanted to “see the castle” ever since he saw a picture of Scott and I in front of it on our honeymoon and we promised him we’d take him, too.  He knows the castle, of course, from all his Disney videos. Now that we’ve booked our trip, I’ve been showing him pictures of WDW and videos to show him some other things to expect.  He’s getting really excited.  The funny thing is, Disney sent us a DVD and it showed a video of people volunteering in their communities to promote Disney’s "Give a Day. Get a Disney Day." volunteer program before showing us scenes from the parks.  Sam was getting all excited about what he was seeing.  He’d yell out “We’re gonna make a garden!”  and “We’re gonna paint a wall?!  I wanna paint the wall with the kids!”

Give A Day Get A Disney Day - What Will You Celebrate- - Disney Parks_1264257422110 copy

And I really have to smile because the kid has NO IDEA what’s in store for him!  Scott and I are SO excited to be doing this with him!

Anyway, of all the little videos we’ve watched, this one is be far the best.  I hope and pray that we have as much fun as this family…although, since we’re not a dancing family, we may not have quite as much fun as they did!  Enjoy!  It really is fun to watch!

  Jennifer (Hope Studios) is going in March and I can totally see her family doing something crazy like this! 

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Courtney and the Boys said...

Hooray for you!!!! We're going to Disney with our kids 3 months from today and we can hardly wait! Can't wait to see and hear all about it! :)