Monday, January 25, 2010

That’s Reading, My Friend!

I noticed this weekend that Sam had developed a small core of known words that he could read (Sam, up, go, a and I).  So, after talking about things that go up, together we chose some pictures and I created a book for him.  I wanted to use those known words in the book and keep and story structure reflective of his language structure.  When I asked him “What goes up?” Sam replied “A balloon goes up.” and thus a book was born.  I put the book together  and gave it to him today.  I have to tell you, there isn’t anything like seeing “the look” on a reader’s face when they notice something in the print that they know.  I love that look!  And I was thrilled that Sam flashed me that excited look when he opened his new book and looked at the page.  I broke out the camera during Sam’s second reading of the book, in which he was reading it to his Daddy, so I missed the first part.  However, I’m so glad I caught the amazing processing that he demonstrated on this second reading.  Just watch as he rereads to search and how he monitors his reading and self-corrects the mismatch. 

Oh, and do I really need to remind you that emergent literacy is my passion/profession/specialty?  I thought not.

Oh, and please ignore the mess…and the half-naked reader.  Y’all know Sam by now!

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Jennifer Juniper said...

it's a great "Aha" moment! So glad the camera was handy :)