Monday, February 22, 2010

Disney’s All-Star Movies Resort

If you’re trying to decide between staying on-site or off-site during your own Disney vacation, you should know that there are lots of factors to consider. I, however, only considered one factor: Disneyworld has a value hotel that sports a Toy Story theme. That’s all I needed to book our room. (Well, that and I found an internet code that saved us more than 40% off the already reasonable off-peak price.)

Sam LOVES Toy Story right now—I mean, he LOVED it then. Right now he’s on a Star Wars kick. But I was glad to pay just a little extra in order to request a room in the Toy Story building of the resort, even though we were still not be guaranteed a room in that building. It was soooooo worth it!

When you arrive at the resort, you are welcomed into the lobby via a red carpet. The coolest thing about the lobby is that there is a small open theater for children to wait in while a parent stands in the sometimes very long line to check-in. Buses run from the hotel to all the parks and we used the buses on and off. (Let me know if you need any advice on whether to drive into the parks or take Disney’s transportation. I do have some pointers.) We were pretty pleased with our room. We’d certainly stay there again, but next time we’re looking forward to staying in one of the fancy resorts. (I’m already saving for that splurge!)


And here’s what made our building extra special! The courtyard between the Woody building and the Buzz building is actually Andy’s room. Well, you know. Not actually. Check out these cool photos and be sure to notice the scale of the toys. Very cool!

DSC_0628DSC_0336DSC_0339DSC_0334 DSC_0337 I think my favorite part of the resort was the toy soldier buckets that enclosed the stairs at the ends of each building along with the army men that were positioned along the roof. I couldn’t take enough photos of those gorgeously huge buckets! (Can you find Sam in one of the photos?)

DSC_0328DSC_0327DSC_0145DSC_0329DSC_0638DSC_0640 There are lots of other goodies offered by the resort. If you’re interested or on the fence about where to stay, let me know and I’ll hook you up with more info.

Oh, I almost forgot to show you the HEATED pool. I was very sad that I forgot my swimsuit, even after packing Sam’s and reminding Scott to pack his.


Writing these posts is making my heart ache for our next vacation!

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Jennifer Juniper said...

We have never stayed at a Disney resort since we have a time share there so I was glad to see it through you! My kids just found our old VCR tapes and watched Toy Story as if it was their first time last week. It was pretty funny :)