Monday, February 15, 2010


This is me...refusing to let Facebook kill my blog. I think that's why I don't write here as often as I used to. It's so quick and easy to share things over there. But that may be due to the fact that I'm visiting there so much. I'm changing that, too.


So, I opened up this post because something funny just happened and I wanted to write about it. By coming here, I can tell you about a few funny moments today. Well, you know, funny to me, anyway.

1) Scott and I are sitting in Chic-fil-A, both of us on out laptops, "closely" watching Sam play in the playground area. I've been watching the sweetest family across the way sign to each other. The little boy, playing in the play area with Sam must be about Sam's age (almost 4) signs back and forth to his Mom through the glass. I think Mom is deaf, and the little boy may be. Or he could just be really quiet. There is also another, older little boy who showed up to play (turns out, he's a brat, but he does it with such a sweet voice) about 10 minutes ago. While I was in there talking to Sam, the other little boy was talking to his Mom through the glass.
The brat turned to me and said: She told him to go play.
Me: Oh, she did?
Brat: Yeah, I understand glass talk.
Me: Glass talk?
Brat: Yeah, talking through the glass.
Me: Oh, I see.

You may not be laughing but I cracked up. Besides being a cute thing to say, kids who know it all crack me up!

Oh, and by the way, I call him a brat because he held the door for his little sister, then wouldn't hold it open for Sam. He explained to me, very politlely, that he was told to only hold the door open for his sister. Brat.

2) As Sam and I were leaving the house earlier, I threw a clean shirt on him. He looked down at the shirt and said "Cool! The Bumblebees!" No, honey, that would be the Beatles. We both laughed and then Sam pointed to his shirt and the front door and said, trying to make a joke, "The Doors!" Well, actually, Sam... :)

3) Sam got very lucky last week in Florida because we let him sip on our drinks often to give him just enough energy to get through the long days. So I shouldn't be shocked that he just came out of the play area and took a sip of Scott's drink. As he turned to go back in, I said "Whoa! What, are you gonna just start sipping our drinks now Mr.?" to which he relied "Yeah." and returned to the play area.

Oh, look. The brat is "glass talking" to his mom now. Cute.

4) This morning, as Sam was heading down the hallway, I said something about remembering to brush his teeth. He turned, and with the cutest, most appropriate, puzzled facial expression said "Mom, are you talking to me?" Oh, I don't know where he gets his keen sense of humor from!

So, there's a few of the moments that made me laugh today. They're probably all "had to be there" moments, but whatever. Oh, I wish I could remember to write down even half of the things Sam says or does in a day that crack me up!

How do you keep up with your kid-isms? Or do you forget just like me?

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