Thursday, January 13, 2011

2. Becoming the Wife I Want to Be

I don’t think Scott would complain about me as a wife, but I put way more energy into being a mom than being a wife, and I’m just not satisfied with that anymore.


Many, many moons ago, when Scott and I were dating (1992-1997) and early in our marriage before Sam came along (1997-2006), I was a pretty good other half.  I spent lots of time being creative with gifts and taking extra special care of my honey (i.e. LOTS of back scratching).  But now that I’m a mama, Scott’s lucky if I even remember special occasions, let alone come up with a good gift idea!  The best I can come up with is one of those long handled back scratchers!!!  It’s funny to me that he now comes up with the most thoughtful presents and that he’s the romantic one in this relationship.  My slightly competitive side will be seeking to change that this year!


God knows I love my son more than my next breathe, but I most certainly want my husband to feel every bit as loved.  In fact, my goal this year will be to make him feel as loved as I feel everyday.  For him to know how proud I am of all that he does and for what he brings to our family.

So, for Valentine’s day, I’m torn between two ideas:

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What do you think?

Yeah, I’m a little rusty. Well, at least I have a while to keep thinking.

Coming soon: 3.  Becoming the Mother I Want to Be

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Jennifer Juniper said...

I can totally relate, this is something I also struggle with. It seems silly, but this Christmas I forgot to get my Scott stocking stuffers. I felt so guilty unwrapping all the little personal trinkets from mine I couldn't enjoy it :(