Sunday, April 8, 2012

I Hate the Easter Bunny

I have a really hard time wrapping my head around the whole Easter Bunny concept.  I just don’t get what exactly the Easter Bunny has to do with this most significant day.  And I’ve worried this year because Sam has totally noticed all the Easter Bunny Hoopla  and I wasn’t sure how I was going to handle the situation.  I just can’t bring myself to perpetuate the Easter Bunny myth but I wanted him to have an Easter Basket.  Thankfully, a conversation with a very special friend guided me in the right direction. Forevermore, Sam will know that his Mama and Daddy give him an Easter basket because we love him, just as God loved us and gave us his son. Whew! Finally I have peace in my heart about how to handle the commercial side of Easter.  As for the EB, he’s a great character that ushers in Spring and Easter. That’s it!

EB funny 2

I love spending Easter with Sam.  We have our traditions and it’s the day I feel like I do the best job of teaching him about God. Today was probably my favorite Easter yet. 

Last night, Scott and I prepared Sam’s Easter basket.  This was my favorite basket of all time!  I went with a pirate and shark theme.


Sam brought the basket to our bed early this morning and he was so excited! It was fun watching him pull out all the fun things I had collected for him. I carefully chose a card that I knew Sam would be able to read and was still amazed by how easily he read it!   I wish I could convince him of what a great reader he is!

Easter 2012 card 1Easter 2012 card 2Easter 2012 card 3

Within a few minutes, Sam abandoned our bed and his basket. We got up for the day and Sam came back, asking for a gift box.  “Sure, buddy, watcha doin?”  “I’m making something for you and Daddy.”  A few minutes later, he brought us a gift bag with an envelope attached.  “It’s something for you to decorate your room for Easter.”

Easter 2012-1 

The little egg he made us was precious, but it was the note he wrote that pushed me over the edge.

Easter 2012

That kid never ceases to amaze me! He genuinely felt the spirit of giving and my heart could almost burst with love for him!


Scott was up and out of the house soon after that to play for an Easter Service and Sam and I got busy in the kitchen!  We make “Jesus Cookies” every year.  (Read about our Resurrection Rolls here)  While they were baking, Sam and I sat outside reading his Easter story books and talking about all things Easter.

I don’t think I’ll soon forget this Easter and how I conquered the Easter Bunny  nor will I foget the look of love in Sam’s face while Daddy and I read his note and opened his gift.

Happy Easter everyone!

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