Monday, October 8, 2012

Two Miracles in One Week

This is Part 1 of our story.
Coming soon:  Part 2--This is Sam's Baby

I have to agree with a friend of mine who told me "I truly believe that the Lord loves to bless us with something extra special AFTER we come to a place of contentment with the current place he has us."

 Either that, or God has proven to me that he has a sense of humor.

Here's the short version:
  • 2000--We started trying to get pregnant. Actually formed one of those pregnancy pacts with two of my girlfriends!
  • 2002-04--Three, possibly 4, miscarriages and 1 D&C led us to a fertility specialist.
  • 2006--Our first, very successful IVF attempt blessed us with Sam!
  • 2010-11--A failed frozen embryo transfer and a failed IVF attempt maxed out our insurance benefits.
  • August 2,  2012--While at the beach on vacation, we celebrated 15 years of marriage with Lomi Lomi massages among other special gifts.
  • August 15, 2012--Accepting that we'll simply never need all that space, we finally downsize our minivan and trade it in for the CR-V
  • August 18, 2012--After taking three pregnancy tests, I finally accept that I am indeed pregnant.

Yes, after reaching a state of pure contentment with our lives, we have indeed been blessed with our own little bundle of surprise!  Or, as we like to call it, the anniversary gift that keeps on giving!

But the miracles didn't stop with us getting pregnant!  A week after finding out, I had an ultrasound--early, at a day short of 6 weeks, but warranted given my history.  My blood work had been so strong all week, that we were all expecting to see a heartbeat.  What we found was an empty sac. Nothing whatsoever was there. No baby, no heartbeat. Another ultrasound was scheduled for 5 days later to confirm that the pregnancy wasn't viable.

I wasn't surprised at all.  I had prepared myself for bad news. Those who've had miscarriages know the feeling. But it's funny. Scott spent the 5 days preparing for the worst news, accepting that it wasn't meant to be. But as each day came and went, I grew more hopeful. And I can't explain why.

It is hard to describe the feeling I had as soon as the ultrasound image appeared and you could clearly see our baby with the strongest little heartbeat!  Not only that, but the measurements aged the baby perfect for our timeline at 6 1/2 weeks!

We sat in Dr. D's office and prayed and cried!  He had no medical explanation for what happened and had already prepared himself to have a very different conversation with us. Dr. D is one of our very best friends so emotions were heightened all around and it was simply a beautiful day!

So, here we are at 12 weeks!  Scott and I went to hear the baby's heartbeat this morning and are now shouting our news from the rooftop! 

I can't wait to write about Sam and the pregnancy so far, but for now, we're just celebrating our two miracles!!

Oh! I almost forgot!  The baby is due on April 21, 2013--Sam's 7th birthday!!!


The Boozers said...

That is awesome news for you and what a wonderful blessing from The Lord!!

Anonymous said...

So glad I read this, Sunny. May God continue to bless you and your family! Jessica F.