Wednesday, May 14, 2008

1:49 am, May 14, 2008

That's the moment my child became a little boy and left babyhood behind. At least that's how it feels.

I've dreaded it for months now, and now Sam has finally found his way out of his crib. He woke up crying (which is normal) and I went into his room to lay him back down. I went back to bed but got up a few minutes later because he was just screaming! I walked past his room to get him a little water and as I came back, I noticed he sounded different, closer. As I got closer to his door I just prayed. "Please, God. Don't let him be out of his crib." And sure enough, he met me at the door.

That is a sickening feeling! He didn't seem hurt and luckily I had his inflatable mattress all ready for him. I got him to lay down on it and it only took an hour for him to fall back to sleep. I sat in his rocker and watched him until he finally let his eyes stay close.

It's 6:00 the following morning and I haven't heard him peep yet. Say a prayer that tonight will go smoothly when I tuck him into his new bed. I guess we'll be putting him into his big boy bed pretty soon. Much sooner than I intended.

I wish I had known last night that I was tucking him into his crib for the last time...

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