Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Big Boy Bed

Well, we have everything ready for Sam's big boy bed just in case he decides to jump the rail like Carson! And finally, after months of searching, I found just the right airplane sheets! The day they arrived, I put them on Sam's inflatable mattress and let him play for a while. He loves the sheets! He pretended to snore and sleep and rolled around in the bed. Then, he got everything out of his crib and gathered it all on his new bed. I'm not sure where he was planning to sleep with all that stuff on there!

He was having so much fun and loving his bed so much, that I decided to let him try and sleep on the bed. He is very definitely not ready for that! As soon as I left the room (each time) he would march to the door and bang and cry. As soon as I put him in his crib, he settled right down and went to sleep. So, we'll just wait a while to try that again!

I also won't be formally potty training anytime soon. The day after the bed trial, I kept him outside all morning, no diaper, and eventually, no pants. He sat on the potty often, and went pee pee often. Just not in the potty! So, we're not ready for that yet, either!

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