Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Watermelon Soup

Sam and I bonded over half a watermelon yesterday. Nothing better on a hot day! It was a nice after school treat. He loved it! We ended up eating the whole thing! Sam's favorite part was the "watermelon soup." I even gave him a little cup to use to collect the soup. Mmmmm! He really didn't like his shorts getting wet and he quickly took them off. (That's a recent behavior we've noticed.) Somehow, though, he didn't mind the watermelon juice dripping down his face, his arms, AND his legs! We had so much fun and Sam was so cute that I ended up taking 53 pictures! Here are just a few of my favorites:

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Missy said...

That's what we were missing on Sunday!! We'll have to remember that for next time to get some smiles out of him :0)