Sunday, June 1, 2008

Chicken Dunkins

Sam's been sick all weekend--cough and fever. He's slept a lot but has generally been in good spirits. We've heard a lot of the following cute things this week:

I don't want that.

Oopsy daisy!

What happened?

Oh, my goodness gracious!

Try it.

God bless you, Mommy.

Chicken Dunkins (chicken 'n dumplings)

Oh, he's also starting to count stuff using one-to-one correspondence and he can count to three in Spanish! "¡Uno! ¡Dos! ¡Tres! ¡Vayamos!" This morning he woke up at 5:30, said "Count" and started counting the airplanes on his sheets. I only know that because I stayed with him last night since he was sick. I was not nearly as perky as he was so early in the morning. Scott bought me an Americano this morning from Starbucks with four shots of espresso!

I'll work on getting his "contar en espaƱol" videotaped. He's sleeping right now.

P.S. Later in the day: Sam has been up and down with his fever. When it breaks, he's really good so we're keeping him on Tylenol. He has slept a lot this afternoon and I just couldn't help but take these pictures of him sleeping in his new beachsocks. Don't judge me. I promise I'm taking good care of him (between pix)!

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Anonymous said...

I love the pictures! So sorry to hear he is sick! Maybe he need some more watermelon soup to help him feel better! Enjoy your summer since it has started! I have 3 more days! Yeah!