Sunday, June 1, 2008

Not About Sam...Really!

I love blogging. I am so glad I discovered blogs. There is something about getting to know my friends more intimately through reading their blogs that is very satisfying. Also, getting to stay caught up with friends who live far away from us is a nice treat. I like reading blogs from people I don't know as well. Reading blogs is like reading a book that doesn't end. I love that because I am usually sad to get to the last page of a book. I so desperately want it to go on and on. So, blogs provide the perfect outlet for that kind of reading. Read a chapter a day and wait in anticipation for what will be added tomorrow.

I fell into blogs through an e-mail sent to me with a prayer request. "Confessions of a CF Husband" was my very first blog. If you haven't read it, I insist that you must. I think it is worth the hours to go back and start at the very beginning without peeking ahead. It reads like a great book and I promise you will cry, get angry and celebrate as you read.

Reading that blog has led me to three other blogs/websites that I love to check frequently. If you love photography you should definitely check out these three sites:

I also stumbled upon, or rather she stumbled upon me, another blog by a woman named Jennifer Juniper. She is very creative and sells her wares through her blog. She makes absolutely beautiful frames. She also writes entertaining blogs. Check her out at

Her most recent frame may be my favorite:

I hope you check out and enjoy the blogs I've discovered and please let me know of any blogs you have found that you enjoy reading.

See, I told you this blog entry was not about my incredibly cute, smart, loving, thoughtful, entertaining son who shall remain nameless...


Missy said...

Did you see where Nate, Tricia, and Gwyneth are getting to go home? I've loved following their story too.

And I've talked to Morgan about the beach; she apparently realizes she won't get to do much so is not interested. Sigh...

Jennifer Juniper said...

I love blogging, too!!! That is so cool you mentioned me in your blog, love it!!

MilePost13 said...

Thank you!

Rich and Lauren said...

my name is rich coleman with , thank you so much for all the wonderful things you said about our work. nathan lawrenson and dave molnar are great friends of mine. again thank you so much... if you need anything contact me at..