Monday, October 12, 2009

Surely You Heard Him!

Well, I finally finished helping Jennifer design her blog, so now I'll be able to turn my attentioin to my own, pitiful, broken blog. I hate that I'm missing all my links to other blogs and such. I'll get that fixed soon. Meanwhile, head on over to Jennifer's blog. She was featured today at The Secret is in the Sauce. So she had quite a busy blog day! Check her out and see why she has become so popular!

Now, I just have two more blogs to design (after I put mine back together) and then I'll be somewhat caught up!

Well, the real reason for actually posting tonight (when I should be doing paperwork) is that Sam gave us a concert tonight. Generally, to get a video of Sam performing, I have to follow him around for days. But tonight was special! I actually have four or five videos of him because he very willingly sang all of the songs on his current set list!

Did I say "very willingly?" Oops! I actually meant to say "very loudly!" Here's the first example with more to follow this week.


Missy said...

Love it!

So who taught him this one, since you and Scott neither one like baseball?

Brightfish said...

We really don't know where it came from. He brought it home one day but the sitter didn't teach it. The best we can tell, one of the kids taught it to him. I should have taped an earlier version...before all the words were known. Funny!

Robin T. said...

Love the singing! Oh how I miss working with children. Robin

Jennifer Juniper said...

I love how Crack er jacks is three words! I'd almost given up on you ever posting here again, then I popped in and BAM! A post. Who knew?