Monday, February 7, 2011

Totally Worth It!

Three tickets…..$66

Cotton Candy with hat…..$12


Chocolate Magic Snow Shake…$10

S’more on a Stick…..$5


Taking my boys to the circus for the first time in both their lives…..Yep! Priceless!

We had a fabulous time at the circus.  Sam loved the trains they would ride around that stage and Scott and I thought the 7 motorcycles in the cage thingy were the coolest thing ever!

Here’s a slideshow of some of my favorite shots:

Afterwards, I tried to get a picture for Sam’s Valentines and this is what he gave me:

Circus Feb 2011 sams collage

I can’t complain!

Sam was so filled up with sugar from today that he didn’t eat any super.  Luckily, he passed out right at bedtime!

Soooo worth it!

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