Friday, April 18, 2008


After the longest, most emotionally agonizing week I've ever had, I finally made a decision about next year. I decided to take the new job. After three days of thinking I was going to stay at my school, I made the decision to change schools without even realizing it and once I spoke it, a wonderful sense of peace fell over me. It really came down to the unknowns. I decided that the unknowns of staying were scarier than the unknowns of going to a new school. Plus, the large salary increase didn't hurt!

So, there it is! I have a few friends who have a lot more significant things going on in their lives this week, so I truly, truly appreciate all the love and support they have offered me. All who have listened to me cry and probably over-analyzed the situation, I thank you. And of course my family who have helped me survive the week. Scott wanted me to be happy, even knowing what the money would mean for us. It turns out I have wonderful people surrounding me and lifting me up everyday and I thank God.

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