Saturday, April 5, 2008

Rainy Days and Saturdays

What we planned was a very busy and very rainy day with two birthday parties to attend. (Happy Birthday Samuel and Nathan!) What we got was one birthday party and a trip to the ER.

Samuel's birthday party was at a local park. With all the rain, everyone was stuck under the covered area. We think Sam may have slipped a little without actually falling down. We really couldn't tell he was hurt except that he would take a few steps and cry and grab his knee. It became a little more obvious when he wouldn't even put his weight down on his right leg. So we told Samuel and his family bye and headed to the ER.

This was by far the greatest ER experience ever. We hardly waited for anything. Of course, by the time we met the doctor, you would've thought we were crazy for being there. Sam seemed perfectly fine. He did show signs of being hesitant with his leg so the doctor did give him an x-ray. Nothing showed up so he thinks it is just a sprain. Tylenol, or "magic juice" as we like to call it, should manage any pain he has over the next few days.

Let me just tell you how freakishly strong Sam is. He did not like the x-ray room at all! The nurses couldn't believe how mighty my son was as three of us held him down and he almost got off the table!

Here are a few pics from today of us "enjoying" the ER. Everyone was so nice, especially the doctor. Our recommendation: If you have to go to the ER, plan your accidents so that you can be there before lunchtime. Things start getting crazy around 2.

P.S. That's chocolate milk on his shirt, not blood!

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