Saturday, November 8, 2008

An Expensive Trip to the Potty

Sam and I had an amazing day in Charleston today. I can't write a word of why we went there, yet. (Scott reads this, too!) But rest assured, the post is written and scheduled to be published the day after Christmas! I can't wait to tell you what happened while we were there!

Anyway, about the potty. I knew that I would need some change to park in the meters down in the public market in Charleston. I didn't want to park in a deck considering I only wanted to go in one shop. So I pulled off the highway at the Summerville exit and went to the first gas station to get a snack and some change. I didn't really need the snack but I hated to use the facilities and ask for change without buying something. So my hands were tied, really. Anywho, after taking care of business inside the store, I decided to take care of a little business in the restroom located at the back of the store. Unfortunately, I could not get the door to close, no matter how hard I tried. There was absolutely no way this was going to work. Horrible visions of Sam running out or strangers walking in raced through my head! So Sam and I loaded up and headed out to find another restroom. This is actually a busy part of town, but believe it or not, there were no other gas stations in sight. There was, however, a Target! (Insert trumpets and choir) Well, I couldn't pass up the opportunity to pee in a guaranteed clean bathroom. And, again, I didn't feel good about using their bathrooms without purchasing something. So, I figured I'd buy some Excederin and kill two birds with one stone. Well, the headache aisle happened to be directly across from the children's book aisle and DVD aisle. Fifteen minutes later, Sam and I are standing in line with a box of Excederin, a Thomas the Tank Engine book, a Little Einsteins book and "The Polar Express" DVD. So, like I said earlier, it was an expensive trip to the potty! Thank goodness for the Excederin!

Back on track and headed towards Charleston, we were thrilled with the 65 degree temps, cloudless sky and our not-needed bags of chips.

Charleston was beautiful and Sam was so much fun to be with. Here's my favorite picture of the day followed by some other shots I took. We went to the harbor first to enjoy a picnic lunch and watch the boats, then we headed to the market for what seemed like a serindipitous kind of shopping trip. But more on that later...

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