Saturday, November 22, 2008

With Age Comes Memory

We took Sam to a new restaurant for dinner. When we walked in, Sam spied the ice cream counter and immediately began asking for ice cream. All through the meal he continued to ask. We kept telling him that they didn't have any ice cream. That didn't work. Especially once the waitress asked us if we would like to try their homemade hand-dipped ice cream in 10 different flavors. Aargh!

Somehow we put him off and very strategically got out of the restaurant without incident. I kid you not, it was a coordinated effort! We decided to head over to the ice cream shop closer to home. (More flavors to choose from!) As we got closer to the house, Scott and I decided, in whispered voices, to avoid the ice cream altogether and make some fat-free, sugar-free Oreo cookie mousse instead. Sam had not said another word since we got in the car. He won't remember...right? Ha! As soon as we pulled up into the driveway, he slipped out of the video induced trance and quickly reminded us about the ice cream store. Scott and I looked at each other. We just could not believe that our old tried and true trick had not worked! Scott slipped the van in reverse and off we went!

Four months ago, we would have made it through the night without another mention of ice cream!

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