Tuesday, November 4, 2008

"We pushed the buttons!"

What a day! Daddy, Sam and I were at the polls shortly after they opened this morning. We arrived and took our place in a relatively short line. We were all excited as we waited for about 30 minutes to cast our votes. We just couldn't help but feeling as if we were living in history, if that makes sense. Can't you just see the look of anticipation on Sam's face?

It was nice to see some familiar faces from the neighborhood. People talked to and laughed at Sam as he kept proclaiming that he was going to vote! He really did a good job waiting patiently. Daddy was even patient, and that's saying something about how happy we all were this morning!

When the line moved inside, Sam was able to do a little writing while he waited. I'm sure he was drafting his stump speech for when he runs in a few years.

Finally, we got to the buttons! I let Sam help me vote in the hopes that he will grow up knowing that voting is cool.

After voting, Sam and I did another very American thing. We headed to Sonic for french toast sticks and then Wal-Mart for some budget shopping. I hate Wal-Mart and usually dread taking Sam, but he was a dream. He sat in the cart and we talked the whole time. No wanting to get out of the cart. No tantrums. Nothing. He was awesome! Then, back home for the rest of the day. Did I mention that most, if not all the schools in the state are closed today? Today is almost as great as a snow day!

We'll hang out today, waiting for the early returns to post and then celebrate tonight! I hope you and your family take time to vote today and have as great a day as we have had.

Just think! Tomorrow....no more campaign ads!!!

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