Sunday, February 3, 2008


Today was the day! We've been waiting for such a long time to hear Sam say "I love you". We've practiced it lots and it's not like he hasn't heard it over 35,000 times in his lifetime. And finally he says it! Kinda. My heart is bursting with love for this child who simply says "eyewoodoo."

He was in a crazy, silly mood so it was hard to get a good video. Here's one that's pretty sweet and as soon as I edit a little craziness out of the best one, I'll share it, too.

p.s Sam, eyewoodoo, too!


Brenna said...

How Precious! I just watched your videos and they are adorable! Sam is really growing up! He is too cute! I love your spy story and pictures too. The pictures definitely help tell the story! Keep them coming!

chaos said...

eyewoodoo shessy!! eyewoodoo 2 sam!!
Can't wait to see you!