Saturday, February 2, 2008

For my Sissy

Hey sissy!

A few weeks ago, I taught a reading lesson in which I needed to get the kids attention so that we could focus and cover a lot in two days. I went all out designing this fun lesson based on the kids being secret agents. I let the kids come into my room without seeing me then I came in dressed in full secret agent attire and stayed in character for the whole lesson. The only problem was, a friend forget to bring his trench coat for me and I had to borrow someone else's jacket. (Not what I had pictured, as you'll see.) The lesson was LOTS of fun and it did the trick! I had someone else take a picture of me with two of my kids and I told them to try and look serious, like spies. Well, they did and I did and this is what we got:

I was talking to mom that afternoon and I told her about the picture and that I looked totally "gansta" She got all excited and said "Oh, you've got to send it to Jess! She is so into "The Godfather" right now." Um, Mom. NOT the same thing! So, Jess, you have to know how much I love you to share that picture with you in this way, where others may see it. Show anyone else and I'll kill you.

By the way, a few days later, I retook the picture with the right coat and I got a picture that may not be great, but certainly more resembles a spy or secret agent and not a "gansta"!!! (You gotta love mom!)

I love you, sissy!!!

P.S. I got a little haircut in between pictures!

P.S.S. Sam discovered my iPod this week. Now we have an iPhone!!


chaos said...

You're great! I def like the black coat better, IMAGINE THAT!! that's pretty hot!
I love you sissy more than you can imagine!

Missy said...

Sam can call Carson anytime he wants, Carson loves to talk on the phone!!