Friday, February 29, 2008

Back from Paradise! Part 3

We had lots of fun exploring the ship and exploring Cozumel. Well, exploring the city wasn't really fun. It was about 200 degrees and my sunburned skin was just cooking! But the snorkeling, ice skating, golfing and other onboard activities were a blast! Here are some of our favorite activity shots:

I finally got Scott to try ice skating! No falls for either of us!

I kicked his butt on the golf course several times. (Since he doesn't read this, I can say anything I want!!!)

Snorkeling off the coast of Cozumel was the coolest thing ever. Here's Scott just before we headed into the water to swim with the fish at Palancar Reef. While down there, we saw lots of fish, two sea turtles and a big starfish. If you ever get the chance...go!

(And again, because Scott doesn't read this blog, I can show anything I want!)

Most everything else we did included lots of reading by the pool, sleeping in the sun, and eating at the buffet. We were too busy to take any good pictures at those times...

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