Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Big Dreams

I just had to share this picture of Sam. He loves to go with Scott to the stadium to see the "marching van" practice on the field. He's even started marching around the house. Anyway, I just love the look of pure joy on his face as he runs across the field.

I wonder...Is he dreaming of easily running the football down the field for the game scoring touchdown or is he holding his drumsticks high as the drumline meanders in double-time to the front of the field for the drum solo ? Either way, he seems to sense the roar of the crowd cheering just for him. Go, Sammy!

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Missy said...

So cute!! I'd love to know what he's thinking at that moment.

Since Ryan was playing with GSO last weekend we took Carson to Furman on Saturday to see the marching band. He talked about seeing the band all week, but once we got there it was quickly overshadowed by the giant inflatable slide and the fire truck. :0)