Saturday, September 13, 2008

He's All Mail

I love Saturdays! Sam and I got to play outside for a little while this morning. It was already so hot, though, that I had to give him a bath before naptime. As I was getting him out of the bath, our mail carrier arrived. I knew this because our dog, Putter, barks to beat the band to make sure I know. Now, around here, meeting our mail carrier is an event. She knows us by name and smiles lots when Sam and Putter meet her outside. She gives the mail to Sam who yells "Hi, Mail!" as she approaches. She loves on Putter, which that in itself is highly unusual for a mail carrier. She even lets Putter jump in her truck! After a few more rituals, and a "Bye, Mail!" from Sam, she's on her way and we head back in the house. Sam, of course, puts the mail on the table and goes back to whatever he was doing.

This day, since we were rushing to get out of the bath to meet our friend, I had wrapped him in a big towel. He LOVED it! I missed some cute pictures before I could get my camera out, but these will do.




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