Friday, September 19, 2008

Not Just for Bored, Drunk College Kids

What does it say about Scott and I as parents, that Sam knows how to watch videos on YouTube all be himself?

Let me start by saying that not all of YouTube is bad/dumb. First of all, there are several cute videos of Sam that can easily be viewed by clicking here. Second of all, there are tons of songs for kids that are done well and quite entertaining. We started Sam's YouTube addiction a while back by searching for model airplane videos. He loved watching them and we created a playlist just for him. We've since added all kids of fun videos that I don't mind him watching. I promise, there's more to YouTube than squirrels or humans as projectiles, or other stupid college experiments. Not possible you say? Check out Sam's playlist by clicking here.

Now, the point of this post. It took me about 3 minutes to show him how to move the hand around and click on the videos that he wants to watch. And he LOVES his new trick! I promise you, there is no haphazard clicking around here. Just watch the video. Then, help me decide. Should I be proud that my 2 1/2 year old son can surf the net, or worried that my pediatrician is going to find out that not only does Sam watch TV (Gasp!), but that he also spends time in front of the computer? Alas, what's the parent of a brilliant child to do??? We do worry, though, that next week Sam will be bidding for toys on eBay!

From videos of Sam surfing YouTube

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