Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Early Morning Exorcism

I feel obligated to to tell you about my morning, lest you begin to think that all is wine and roses where Sam is concerned. I am writing this at 5:41 in the morning and it has already been a long day.

It started at 4:13 when Sam first peeped. Now, I am pretty good at hearing Sam wake up and rushing to his room before he gets out of bed. Experience has taught me that it is a lot easier to get him back to sleep if his feet never hit the floor. However, how was I to know this would be the morning that he harnessed his teleporting abilities and would be at my bedside before I could untangle myself from the covers? By gently guiding my sweet boy down the hall, amidst the cresendo of "I want to go to the couch!" I did manage to get him back on the bed. I also reminded him of our "Fish Light Rule." Sam is not supposed to get out of bed until the aquarium light (which is on a timer) comes on at 6:00. Well, that didn't go over well at all. For what I'm guessing was about 10 minutes, he kicked and screamed and tried to scratch and bite. When he finally accepted that he was not getting out of bed, he decided that he wanted to look at his books. I almost had to cry as I explained repeatedly that now was not the time for books. Frankly, I'm thrilled anytime he wants to read and really don't have a problem with him waking up early and hanging out with his books that are kept on his bed. However, I knew I had to stand strong against this beast that has risen up from the bowels of the earth. Again, not what Sam wanted to hear in his emotional state. I, being the rock that I am, continued to remain emotionally disengaged while restraining him in such an artful way that would make both Carol Lyons and my CPI instructor glow with pride! I'm pretty sure I'm now the leader in the race to win this year's FedEx "Most Patient Mother" Cup.

Whew! When he FINALLY calmed down and all the evil spirits were gone, he realized that I still loved him, snuggled up beside me and gently fell back to sleep. I waited about 10 minutes before sneaking out of bed and into the shower. That was at 5:15. Note the time.

What does one think about as she watches the child she loves so much find peace after such a rough start to the day? Why, she lies there composing her next blog post, of course!

UPDATE: 7:48 Can you believe Sam woke up later in the morning just as sweetly and lovingly as if the witching hour never happened? Maybe it didn't. Perhaps it was just a bad dream. No, (looking down) I certainly did not scratch myself! It must've happened!

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