Friday, September 26, 2008


After two horribly long nights with Sam, it finally occurred to me that he must have an ear infection. I always feel stupid that it takes me so long to think of what then seems obvious. But, in my defense, even at 2, Sam still does not complain about his ears. He has never once indicated he was in pain or pulled at his ears. Also, this time, he's been on an antibiotic for 10 days, so I really didn't think his ears were the problem. Anyway, today I'll be taking him to the pediatrician and I'll keep you posted.

If Sam's ears look fine, then I'll be out of ideas as to why the past few nights have been so difficult. If it goes on much longer, I'll need to start drinking those energy drinks that Flora slipped me without my knowledge last night!

UPDATE: Yep! He still has an ear infection. We're on another antibiotic for 10 more days then we'll see. However, my pharmacists doesn't agree with the medication the doctor prescribed, so I'm not very optimistic. On a more positive note, bedtime was much easier last night (Thank you very much Sir Benedryl!).

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