Thursday, October 23, 2008

May I Have This Dance?

I want to capture a moment but I'm afraid that words won't remind me years from now how sweet it was. But I'll try.

Tuesday evening, I was sitting on the floor talking to Sam while he was very busy putting all his 8,462 pieces of train track together. He didn't have much to say being that he was so focused so I turned the TV to Dancing with the Stars. He glanced up occasionally to see the couples dancing, but didn't say anything about it. About 10 minutes later, Sam stopped in the middle of working, walked over to me, and without saying a word, held out his had to me in the sweetest little gesture. I took his hand, not sure of what he wanted, and stood up. As he took my other hand, I understood that he wanted to dance. So we held hands and danced around a little, still with no words between us. Then he let go of my hands and went back to working on his railroad. I sat back down and tried to savor the tenderness of the moment and the look of love on his face as he held his hand out to me. I realized that for whatever reason, at that moment, he just wanted to dance with his mommy. Even though he didn't have the formal words for the moment, his eyes said it all.

I savor these moments, for I'm quite sure that he won't be asking his mommy to prom in a few years.


Jessi said...

He's just pure awesomeness! :)

Missy said...
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Missy said...

Let me try again and see if my comment makes sense this time...

So, so sweet. And I bet these words will be just enough to bring back this wonderful memory whenever you need it.

I'm trying to make all the memories liek this I can right now, since I know there will be a time when Caron will be embarrased to be seen with me. I can already hear the "MOOOM"s