Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Whas' Up?

Very rare the night has been in Sam's 2.5 years that he has slept straight through 'til morning. He usually wakes up around 4. Now, when he was in his crib, this was not a problem at all. He would read books, sing, talk or whatever for about an hour and then go back to sleep. When he moved into his bed, he brought his early morning party to my room. I would take him back to bed and climb in with him to keep him there. After doing this for a few months, I finally have him trained to stay in bed and he just sits in there and calls for me.

Sam went to bed last night clutching his new toy school bus that lights up and plays music. He LOVES the bus and has not been without it since Scott and I gave it to him when we got back from Savannah. Anyway, at 4:15 this morning, this is what I hear:

"Mama, I can't find your bus." (repeated several times)

Upon being summoned this morning, I decided to try something new. I went to Sam's room, found his bus, and explained that I was going back to bed to sleep. He actually handled it amazingly well. For about 15 minutes I listened to him play with his bus and talk a little. Then, he got quiet. As I lay in bed celebrating perhaps the start of a new routine, the silence was broken with the following:

"Mama, where are you?"
"Mama, I can't find your bus."
"Mama, where are you?"

(repeat about 10 times.)

At this point, Scott and I were both listening to him and enjoying his sweet voice. He was so sweet sounding and patient but persistent.

He got quiet again. I celebrated again. And then we heard:

"Daddy. Whas' up?......Daddy. Whas' up?"

I could take it no longer. I was laughing so hard I almost wet the bed. I just had to go to my sweet angel just in case he felt like I had abandoned him. It is not very often that he calls out for Daddy in the middle of the night. He had obviously given up on me.

So I got into bed with him and he fell fast asleep!

God, thank you for sending such a special angel to start my days with love and joy. I think I will be smiling all day!

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