Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Stupid Dragon!

Pardon the quality of the following pictures. My camera is holding on dearly to its last heartbeat and the pix are screenshots from the video of Sam riding the dragon roller coaster--NOT his favorite thing at the fair. Notice the difference between the hesitant look on his face the first time around the track and the positively pitiful "ready-to-get-off" look on his face when he comes back around. We met Sam as soon as he got off the death ride. Scott picked him up and we walked through the crowd with Sam crying very tragically. (Both of us were trying to be sympathetic and not laugh too hard.) As we walked, Scott proclaims to Sam (and the three sweet moms beside us) "I know, buddy. I don't know why that Mama put you on that scary ride." (Laughter all around.)

Thank God I love him. I might have thrown him under the dragon. Scott, not Sam.

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