Friday, October 10, 2008

Pickin' Up Chicks at the State Fair

We had a blast this afternoon at the state fair. Sam's first fair, actually. We met Dave, Tina and Nathan there, and then ran into Kim and her family. We really didn't expect Sam to want to ride anything, but he LOVES Emma Cate and would follow her to the moon! She is so good with him.

Notice how she lets him drive...

...but keeps him on a short leash! That's my girl!

I wouldn't be opposed to an arranged marriage. I'm just sayin'.

We really had a lot of fun and were so glad to spend time with friends! We couldn't believe how much Sam enjoyed the rides.

In this picture, Sam is trying to help us decide between deep fried Snickers, deep fried cookie dough, or deep fried Pepsi. We ended up sharing the old reliable deep fried elephant ear but shook things up a little by ordering it smothered in butter and cinnamon. Yummy! (By the way, does anyone know how many WW points that's worth?)

We still have tickets so we'll HAVE to go back. Perhaps then I'll get to try the cookie dough or Pepsi! You've gotta love fair food or in the very least appreciate the ingenuity!

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Anonymous said...

I love this blog. You have the cutest pictures! Robin T.