Saturday, January 3, 2009

Budding Photographer?

Yesterday was a cloudy, foggy, misty kind of day. I happened to look out the window and catch the sun shining for a very brief moment. I ran to grab my camera because the light shining behind the trees was gorgeous! It looked like the trees were covered with ice and they glistened. Anyway, I was standing on the front porch waiting for the sun to reappear when out walks Sam with his new camera (Thanks Aunt Jessi!). We had a lovely discussion about the sun shining on the trees and we waited together for it to come back out. Sam took a few other photos while we waited. I think he's the cutest photographer I've ever seen:

Here he is taking his self-portrait in the reflective glass of the front door:

Here are a few of the "good" shots from his portfolio:

He's got a good eye and he enjoys taking pictures. With a little practice, I think he'll actually be pretty good.

Well, after looking through his portfolio again, maybe I should say he needs A LOT of practice:

We took a picture of each other at the same time. You can see how well THAT turned out:

The sun was out for about 30 seconds and I didn't get the shot I wanted. This is the best I had time to get but it sure doesn't show off the beauty of the sparkling trees:

(Click to enlarge and you can see the shining trees a little better.)

I didn't have enough time to get one without the stop sign in the corner, either! And those blasted electrical wires!

I did get this kinda cool picture:

I had fun taking pictures with Sam today. He loves his new camera. He also likes putting his pictures on the computer. A future blogger??? Oh, no! I may be creating a monster!

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Aunt Jessi said...

Rock on Sam!!! I'm so glad he likes it. I do however hope he doesn't take as many pics as you, or the poor thing might not last long, LOL!! Luv u both :)