Monday, January 12, 2009

My First "Not Me Monday"

Click on the picture above to find out what MckMama DID NOT do this week.

As for me, I did not take off work Friday and Monday to go on a cruise to the Bahamas. Nope. I wouldn't abandon my students like that!

I did not enjoy sharing said cruise with our friends, Ryan and Missy. No, I did not enjoy every minute we were with all!

And Ryan and Missy's luggage (2 bags, mind you) did not disappear and hide from authorities, evading a search of every stateroom, only to mysteriously show up at their door the last night of the cruise. And even though I like to be a good friend, I did not offer to share my things with Missy, especially not my underwear! And poor Missy did not, instead, rinse her underwear out and use the hairdryer on them. Nope!

I did not walk around Nassau Saturday and hang out on the ship Saturday evening without ever wondering what Sam may be doing. What kind of thoughtless mother would I be if I had done that? I sure am glad I didn't!

I did not surprise my husband the first day of the cruise with the first "flannel nightgown" I've bought in 15 years. We did not feel like we were on our honeymoon and I certainly did not have the most amazing weekend with my husband...ever. Oh, no. For if I had done that, I would certainly not tell you about it! And for goodness sake, I wouldn't recommend you doing that, either!

I did not take 692 pictures. (And will not bore you with lots of them this week!)

I did not drink 8 Mojitos.

I did not gain 4 pounds back.

I did not read a whole book.

I did not start my day on Sunday by watching the sunrise only to follow up that miracle by spending 8 hours on a beach...on a private a hammock...and snorkeling...and floating in crystal clear water. Don't accuse me of that.

So, what did you NOT do this past week?

And don't forget to check out MckMama's blog. She didn't do a lot of things!

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