Saturday, February 14, 2009

Barack'n the Potty and Other Tales of Brilliance

Scott and I had been sitting on the fence about Sam's brilliance...until tonight! He is officially brilliant. Not just because he asked to read the "Barack Obama Book" (Time Magazine) while he was in "the library" today:



But also because of the conversation at dinner tonight.

Scott treated Sam and I to heart-shaped Krispy Kreme doughnuts this morning for Valentine's day. It was a very sweet treat!

Sam and I were on our own for dinner because Scott had to play a gig at Fort Jackson. Scott actually left here with a fever after spending all afternoon on the couch. Not a great Valentine's Day for him, I'm afraid. But I digress. Sam and I spent most of the afternoon with Missy and Carson at the movies and then to Barnes and Noble for a little train table time and a few books. Sam fell asleep on the way home and slept until I woke him for dinner. We enjoyed a romantic dinner of fish sticks, lima beans, couscous and apple slices with caramel. Sam gobbled up the fish sticks, wouldn't try the caramel or the lima beans, and oddly only ate a few bites of couscous. Odd because couscous is his favorite. I really began to think that he just didn't feel well. And he was playing the part well.

"Mama, will you eat my apples"

"Sure, Baby." (I love apple slices and caramel!)

"Mama, will you eat my beans?"

"Of course, dear." (I don't usually clear his plate, but he was being so pitiful and sweet. So, I obliged!)

"Mama, will you eat my couscous?"

"No, I'll save that for tomorrow. You might want it then."

A few moments passed and Sam looked down at his now cleared plate.

"Mama! I ate my dinner! Can I have a doughnut!"

Did my son really just plan that whole scene out so that he could get a doughnut?!?!

After a cute, lopsided conversation about who actually ate his dinner, I, of course, got him the doughnut. 'Cuz that's the kind of mom I am! (And, because he gave me lots of sweet, sweet looks!)

Oh, was his face ever cute as he exclaimed "I ate my beans!" Miraculously, he was healed! My little, too-smart-for-his-own-good-sometimes genius was healed! Break out the doughnuts!



Jennifer Juniper said...

Oh he's lucky he's so cute!!!

Brightfish said...

You're not kidding! And I am in BIG trouble down the road!