Wednesday, February 18, 2009

It's Too Early

Remember the doughnuts from Saturday?

Sam is in a cycle again of coming into my bedroom in the middle of the night and dragging me back to bed with him. He claims he wants to get on the couch and watch a movie, but somehow I manage to wrangle him towards bed and he falls asleep within a few minutes. This is how it's been for about 5 nights. Uneffective.

So last night he tried a new tactic.

Remember our "fishtank light" rule? The aquarium in Sam's room is on a timer, with the light going off during our read alouds each night and coming on at about 6:15 each morning. Sam knows that he's supposed to stay in bed until the fish light comes on in the morning. This hasn't worked very often. He knows the rule...he just doesn't really follow it. So this morning I hear the pitter-patter of Sam's feet coming down the hall at about 1:00. I meet him in the hallway, turn him around, steer him towards the bed and we climb in. He, as usual, asks to go watch a movie and I, as usual, tell him no.

"It's too early, baby."

"But the fish light is on," he says.

It is then that I notice that the light is indeed on. Before coming to get me, my child moved his stool over to the dresser and reached way back to the timer to turn the light on.

How in the heck am I going to survive this child's mind in years to come? I really didn't know kids could be this manipulative clever this early.

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