Thursday, February 12, 2009

Bees Are Yucky!

Monday evening, Scott and Sam accompanied me to the school board meeting. I had to be there anyway since my school was hosting the evening, but they came because the school board was recognizing the newest National Board Recipients, of which I am one. So my posse came to support me!

Anyway, imagine a large activity arena, the kind with the sunken floor, stage in the middle, seating all around, filled with about about 150 people walking around before the meeting. We sat in the very back and spent pre-meeting chasing Sam around. Past us walks this lady, who I'm later told is a principal, wearing a yellow sweatshirt, black pants, yellow shoes and pigtails in her hair with big yellow bows. It was very hard to tell if she was dressed up for some reason or was just being herself. Either way, she looked ridiculous! If she wanted to get noticed, she did. Thankfully, Sam didn't notice her...right then, anyway. But a few minutes later, he spotted her across the room and exclaimed, pretty loudly...

"Mama, look! A bee! .....Eeww! I don't like bees! Bees are yucky! I don't like bees!"

I thought I would wet my pants! All I could do was laugh and try to cover his mouth! God knows, we were all thinking it!

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