Sunday, March 8, 2009

Disney Live!

A few weeks ago, while Scott was out of town, I decided at the very last minute to buy tickets to see Disney Live! I was so excited about Sam and I having a special date night. He knew nothing about where we were going when I picked him up from Mimi's house that afternoon so the surprise was huge! We had so much fun before the show walking around, looking at all the kids, shopping and spending a fortune, and getting ready for the show to begin. We ran into his buddy from Mimi's house, Samuel, and we were able to sit with them. That was wonderful! I wish you could have seen Sam's face when his most favorite characters, the Little Einsteins, came onto the stage! Oh, he loved it! During intermission, Sam got it in his head that he wanted to go on stage. I guess he thought the show was over. He's used to going on stage after all of Daddy's concerts, so why should this be any different? During the whole second half of the show, all he talked about was going on stage. I had a very hard time explaining that this wasn't Daddy's stage. I told him that we would have to find Leo (a Little Einstein) and ask him if we could go. Sam was very disappointed when we walked out of the arena.

It was a wonderful, wonderful evening! We sure did miss Daddy, though!

Oh, you have to see Sam gettin' his groove on before the show!

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