Saturday, March 28, 2009

Sam’s Very First Photo

I spent a lot of time today going through files on my computer and trying to take back some storage space.  I cannot believe how much stuff builds up and hides within files.  Not to mention the GBs upon GBs of photos and digital downloads I’ve collected.  Anyway, as I’m digging through files, I’m finding all kinds of memories.  I had to share this one.  This is Sam’s VERY FIRST photo.  Wasn’t he cute?!

Sam's very first photo with message



Paula Hickson Photography Blog said...

what a little cutie!!!!

Anonymous said...

Thats really cool!
What is that? A ultrasound?

Brightfish said...

Oh, Sam was an IVF miracle baby. That picture was taken the day he and two other embryos were implanted. They're still in the dish. the embryologist showed them to us on a TV screen while we were in the OR waiting for the procedure. Sam was 5 days old here! I think it is very cool myself!