Wednesday, April 29, 2009

My Stomach Hurts

Sam has complained about his stomach hurting a lot over the past few days. Actually, he has learned HOW to complain about it. The first day, he just rolled around until he had an accident but now he understands about tummy aches and getting a reaction from Mama. So yesterday, when he started complaining AGAIN, I decided (in my infinite Mama wisdom) that he had finally figured out by now how to use it solely for a reaction/attention. All evening I used his complaining against him. "Oh, then you must not want any ice cream." And I ignored the signs.

I didn't blink at his not eating dinner. His babysitter told Scott he ate so much at lunch that he probably wouldn't eat dinner. Plus, he hasn't eaten a lot of dinner in three nights.

He didn't play with his trains. At all.

He didn't want to take a bath. I had to hold him over the tub while Scott washed his feet because that was all we could get him to do. He was just too tired.

He fell asleep on the couch just before bedtime.

So why then, with all those glaringly obvious signs, was I so surprised when I gently placed him in his bed and he turned over, settled in, and then very quickly, and with no warning, erupted throwing up all over his bed?

So I guess I was wrong when I told Scott "He's finally figured out out to fake complain for attention."

Yeah. Boy, was I wrong! Ah, good times!

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Jennifer Juniper said...

I've done that...only it ended up being a broken hand. oops...