Thursday, April 30, 2009

Swine Flu?

Sam has some sort of bug this week.  The thing is, he has given no indication that he feels bad, no fever, just the one throwing up the other night and an explosive experience last night.  Other than that, until today, he’s been almost himself.  Granted, he hasn’t wanted dinner all week, but he’s eaten like a horse at his babysitter’s house during the day.  No fever.  Not a lot of playing but no complaining or acting under the weather.  But today, I’ve been dealing with poop since I picked him up from Mimi’s house at 4:30.  Lots of it.  And yet, it’s the first day he’s come home and played all week.  And the first day he’s eaten anything here all week.  He’s actually been in a very good mood this afternoon and evening.  This is certainly one very strange bug.  I, for one, have no worries about swine flu.  But I couldn’t help but chuckle inside when I got to Mimi’s house and her husband asked if it was possible if any of Scott’s students had the swine flu.  You know…Sam was around them.  Four days ago.


Here’s a cute picture of Sam between trips to the bathroom this afternoon, not looking very sick:


And on a completely unrelated note, my sister will be glad to know that I finally replaced Sam’s red mocks.  I photographed the new ones today because Sam and I sat down and transferred his old Jibbitz over and I gave him a few new ones this afternoon.  Here is what Sam has worn just about everyday for two years along with the new mocks.

DSC_0080 DSC_0083

AND, thanks to Dawn for following me!  I wish I was one of those blogs that gave prizes!  I’d send her one! 

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Anonymous said...

Love the crocs! Billy's fav too!