Friday, April 24, 2009

Unexpected news!

I have been mostly offline this week as I've been dealing with and adjusting to new medications for headaches. I may go more into that later, only because it relates to my love affair with my camera. But for now, I will only share briefly because I just found out the best news!

You all know how much I love Coke! I struggle with it daily. I give it up often and fall off the wagon equally as often. I simply love it! This morning, even though I was told to give up caffeine, I got a Coke. It tasted awful! I couldn't even finish it. I figured it was an effect of one of the medications I'm taking, hopefully one of the short-term ones, but research proved otherwise.

Having a free moment, out of curiosity and having nothing to do with the Coke issue, I Googled Topomax. This is the most exciting medication I've been given as it promises to rid me of the migraines I enjoy 4-5 times each month. I was told to expect a few side affects in the beginning such as loss of concentration/memory difficulties, numbness and fatigue. He even told me I may lose weight. Friends have told me I could lose 10 pounds immediately. Heck yeah! What I didn't expect was this:

Taste change
Some people on TOPAMAX may have taste changes where food or drink tastes differently. This has been reported with carbonated beverages, for example. (Topomax website)

I am celebrating right now because along with the 10 pound I am hoping to lose due to the medication itself, there is no telling how much I'll lose now that I can't stand the flavor of Coke. My jeans are already feeling skinny today! I may be looking really good by the time we leave for the cruise we just booked yesterday. Oh, I didn't tell you about that? Yeah, 3 days after school gets out, we're headed back to the Bahamas with Missy and Ryan. And 5 days before that, I'll be heading out to find a new swimsuit!


Missy said...

I LOVE the new look! So summery...

I'm calling it Cruise '09 take two. Just remember, pack light, so we don't have to give them our luggage :0)

Brightfish said...

Oh, I've already told Scott they would have to pry our luggage from our cold dead fingers! And formal night? Forget about it! I'm not into the extra luggage it would take for the extra clothes and shoes!

Jennifer Juniper said...

The beginning of this post is hilarious because it sounds like you're talking about cocaine! Hey, losing weight and no migraines??? Sign me up!
(trying to sound upbeat, but really green with envy over the cruise thing!)